Brother Care Program Terms & Conditions

  • Overview

    The Brother Care Program ("Program") is a free membership program where Brother customers can gain access to exclusive benefits and register eligible products for extended warranties. The Program is operated by Brother International Corporation (Canada ) Ltd. ("Brother", "us", "our", or "we"). By signing up for or registering a Product in the Program, you agree to abide by the following Terms of the Program ("Terms").


    Brother Care offers the following benefits: (i) an additional 6-month extended warranty on eligible products registered under the Program; (ii) online support; (iii) free shipping; (iv) exclusive offers from time to time; (v) birthday offers; and (vi) a one-time welcome offer for new Registrants. See full Terms below for more details.

    Note: As of December 1, 2018, the Brother Care Program Gold and the Brother Care Program Platinum Programs (which were previously available for purchase for one-time fees) are no longer offered for purchase or registration. However, these grandfathered Gold and Platinum members will continue to receive their benefits in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Program at the time of their purchase.


    The Program is only available to residents of Canada. Customers may sign up for the Program by completing the Program registration process on, through the Brother Customer Care Department at, or through the newsletter page of the website (each a "Registrant" or "Member").

    Registration in and eligibility to claim benefits under the Program are attached to each Registrant via his or her registration. Each Registrant may then register eligible "Products" (defined below) under his/her membership (which become his or her "Registered Products"). The extended warranty program benefits can only be claimed for Registered Products while the Registrant is an active member, and can only be claimed or used by the original Registrant. Benefits are not transferrable to any other individual or Product. Each Product can only be registered once to one individual eligible Registrant.

    Each Registrant may register multiple eligible Products under his or her account in order to receive Product-specific benefits for each under the Program. Limit one registration per person and per email. Eligible Products purchased cannot be registered more than once or registered under more than one account.

    Eligible products are new or refurbished laser or lnkjet printers and multifunctional centre machines (excluding thermal scanners, fax machines, mobile printers, labelers, and Home Appliance Division products and machines) purchased and used in Canada (each a "Product").

    Other Brother machines and products (such as supplies, accessories, etc.) and products purchased in other jurisdictions outside of Canada are not eligible for this Program.


    As part of the Program registration process, Registrants must accept and agree to these Terms and to receiving promotional emails from Brother. Registrants understand that the Program is a free marketing program intended to deliver promotional offers via email. Registration in the Program is conditional on the Registrant agreeing to receive exclusive offers and other promotional offers via email from Brother.

    If a Registrant decides to no longer receive promotional emails from Brother, or if his/her membership terminates for any other reason in accordance with these Terms, his/her registration and all benefits under the Program will terminate (including any extended warranty benefits in relation to Registered Products).

    If a Registrant has exchanged a Registered Product for another product pursuant to the terms of a warranty, his/her Product Registration for the Registered Product terminates but the exchanged Product is eligible for coverage under the Program. See section IV (a) below for more details on exchanged Product coverage.

    Note: For grandfathered Gold and Platinum members, membership is not tied to receiving promotional offers from Brother. If a Registrant redeems a Registered Product pursuant to the trade-in value option under his/her grandfathered plan, the registration and all benefits for that Registered Product under this Program will terminate at the time of trade-in. A customer may then register their new Product purchased through the trade-in under the Program, however this new membership will be in accordance with the current Terms (and the member’s grandfathered status will terminate). If a customer’s Gold or Platinum membership terminates and the member wishes to join the Program again, then their new membership in the Program will be governed by the current Terms and Registration is conditional on agreeing to receive exclusive offers and other promotional offers via email from Brother.


    Program benefits cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions, including volume purchasing or other discounts, except as explicitly permitted by Brother. Program benefits cannot be combined between different Registrants.

    Note: For grandfathered Gold and Platinum members, members will continue to receive their supplies savings and trade-in benefits as they read at the time of purchase while their membership is grandfathered.

    (a) Extended Warranty

    Registered Products will be eligible for an extension of the Brother standard manufacturer’s product warranty which accompanies each new or refurbished Product purchase (the "Standard Manufacturer’s Product Warranty").

    Products registered in the Program are eligible for a 6-month extended warranty (each an "Extended Warranty"). Extended Warranty coverage is subject to the same terms and conditions of the Standard Manufacturer’s Product Warranty. Standard Manufacturer’s Product Warranty and Extended Warranty coverage are not transferable or available to secondhand purchasers.

    Extended Warranty only applies to in-warranty Registered Products. Extended Warranty cannot be used to extend a Standard Manufacturer’s Product Warranty that has already expired. If a Registered Product’s Standard Manufacturer’s Product Warranty has already expired at the time of Program registration or benefit redemption, that Registrant will not receive any warranty-related benefits for that Registered Product.

    Extended Warranty is also conditional upon the Registered Product being currently registered under the Program. If an individual subsequently terminates his/her registration in the Program (e.g. if a Registrant decides to no longer receive promotional emails from Brother), he/she will not be permitted to make a claim for Extended Warranty or other Program benefits after the termination.

    If a customer has purchased a separate extended warranty plan from Brother or a third party (such as a retailer or dealer), the Extended Warranty benefit of the Brother Care Program will not extend the term of that separately purchased extended warranty plan. Registrants who have purchased a separate extended warranty plan will not receive Extended Warranty coverage in relation to his/her extended warranty plan.

    If a Registrant exchanges his/her Registered Product under the terms of the Standard Manufacturer’s Product Warranty, the Extended Warranty under the Program, or a separate extended warranty plan (from Brother or a third party), the new exchanged Product is automatically eligible for Program coverage pursuant to the terms of his/her registration for the original Registered Product. For example, if there were three (3) more months left in warranty coverage for the original Registered Product, this remaining three (3) month warranty coverage will apply to the exchanged Product under the Program.

    Products exchanged through a Brother warranty will automatically be registered under the Program. For Products exchanged through a third party, the Registrant will need to contact the Brother Customer Care Department at in order to ensure that his/her exchanged Product will continue to be covered under the Program.

    (b) Online Support

    All Registrants will have access to the standard Brother Support Centre online at

    Note: For grandfathered Gold and Platinum members, VIP Phone Support services are only available for Gold and Platinum registered products that are in warranty.

    (c) Free Shipping

    All Registrants will have access to free Standard Shipping on all products purchased through Standard Shipping orders are generally processed and shipped the next business day; please allow an additional 2-10 business days for your order to be delivered. Registrants may pay to upgrade to Priority Shipping for a specific order if desired.

    Brother does not ship any products to shipping addresses in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon.

    Delivery to rural areas may take longer than time periods specified. All terms and conditions of Brother shipping and delivery services apply to shipping benefits under the Program. For full shipping terms, please see

    Note: Grandfathered Platinum members will continue to have access to free Priority Shipping benefits as they read at the time of purchase while their membership is grandfathered.

    (d) Exclusive Offers

    Registrants will have access to exclusive offers and other promotions, which may be available from time to time, from Brother. These offers and promotions are only available via email.

    (e) Birthday Offers

    Registrants who choose to provide birthdate information will receive a special offer on or about their birthday during each year in which they are an active registrant in the Program ("Birthday Offer"). Birthday Offers may vary from year to year and are subject to the terms and conditions that accompany each offer (including limits on redemption and offer exclusions).

    (f) Welcome Offer

    New Registrants will receive a one-time discount ("Welcome Offer") when they sign up to the Program. Welcome Offers may vary (new Registrants who sign up at different times may receive different Welcome Offers) and are subject to the Terms and Conditions that accompany that offer (including limits on redemption and offer exclusions).


    By registering for this Program, you agree that you have read and understand these Terms and are bound by all of them, as changed from time to time, and you consent to our collection and use of your personal information to administer this Program and otherwise in accordance with Brother’s Privacy Policy at and applicable laws.

    Except where prohibited by law, we may change these Terms and any aspect of the Program, including any conditions or exclusions relating to Program eligibility and benefits, and we may also restrict, suspend, modify or terminate the Program at any time without prior notice. Brother is not responsible if any of the Program benefits change or are no longer offered. Registrants must accept offers as indicated and any offers may not be refunded, transferred or converted except in Brother’s sole discretion. Brother has the absolute discretion to revoke a Registrant’s registration or not to provide or make any benefit available for any reason, including if in our opinion you have tried to obtain a benefit through this Program through a fraudulent act, forgery, false or misleading information or omission, or engaged in conduct that abuses or otherwise breaches these Terms. All products and benefits are subject to availability, while supplies last.

    Except where prohibited by law, the Program and all Terms are governed by the laws of Ontario. If any provision of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining Terms. Program is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

    You agree that neither Brother, its affiliates nor any of its respective officers, directors, employees or agents shall have any responsibility or liability for any claim, loss, injury, damage, delay, accident, cost or expense (including, without limitation, legal fees), nor for any incidental, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages or damages directly or indirectly arising out of or related to your participation in the Program, use of Brother products, or use of the website.

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