Turn your hobby into a business

Brother label makers and tapes make label printing at home easy for everything your small business needs.

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Endless possibilities

Whether it’s a side hustle or your day job, Brother labelling solutions will take your hobby
or small business to the next level to make it a success.

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Many sizes, colours and materials for whatever your passion project needs

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On-demand printing

Print customized labels in the comfort of your home

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Professional, high resolution labels that leave a lasting impression of your business

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Easy to use

Simply plug in and play to print labels that express your creativity

Brand it

You’ve poured your heart into creating your small business, so make sure your brand stands out from the rest. Offering endless design options, Brother labellers work with an extensive variety of labels, tapes and ribbons to help you showcase your creativity when designing and printing custom labels that tell the story of your brand.

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Tag it

Brother labellers feature built-in frames, symbols, styles and even bar codes to help you print customized labels and price tags for your merchandise. Include information like ingredients, allergy alerts, instructions and anything important you want your customers to know about your products.

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Ship it

Nothing says great customer service like packages that arrive at their destination! Use Brother shipping label printers and shipping label makers at home to produce professional-quality labels up to 4" wide, ideal for standard mailing and shipping labels used by major carriers such as UPS and FedEx.

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Organize it

A small business has a lot of moving parts including the materials needed to produce your products, organize office supplies, file invoices, and more. Brother labellers and tapes help you print labels to easily get it all done and keep track everything.

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Nothing beats Genuine Supplies

When done right, labels give your products personality and convey your brand message. Brother Genuine labels, tapes and ribbons make it easy to find the perfect fit for any of your labelling needs. With a wide variety of colours, sizes and materials like acid-free, iron-on, laminated, non-laminated, regular and extra-strength adhesives, discover Brother’s TZe and DK offering today.

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Make home work with Brother
P-touch label printers

Design, print
and personalize

To make sure you get the right labelling solution for your small business,

think about what you want to label. User guide your decision when choosing a label maker or label printer that will accommodate your labelling requirements. Brother labellers and supplies are there to help you design and print personalized or custom-made labels that meet your needs.

  • How many labels will you need to print at a time?

    TZe Label Maker Solutions

    Label makers are for printing one-off labels (up to 10 copies at a time).

    They feature memory keys that let you save often-used, favourite labels for quick and easy printing when you need them.

    QL Label Printer Solutions

    Label printers are for high volume printing, with speeds of up to 110 labels per minute.

    They can be easily connected to your own databases for large mailings.

  • What kind of labels do you need?

    TZe Label Maker Solutions

    TZe tapes are laminated which makes them extremely durable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They are resistant to fading, abrasion, extreme temperatures, water, chemicals and more.

    QL Label Printer Solutions

    DK labels are available in continuous rolls or pre-sized labels.

    Continuous rolls come in various widths and you can customize the length of your labels up to 3’ long.

    Pre-sized labels come in a variety of commonly used sizes ideal for file folders, name badges, envelopes, office and school supplies and more.

    Because DK labels are made of paper, they are not intended for long-term use or exposure to the elements.

  • What is going on the label?

    TZe Label Maker Solutions

    In addition to text, TZe label makers can print a variety of symbols and frames. Certain models come with a wide library of pre-designed label templates for various applications such as price and product labels, branding, organization and more.

    All labellers:
    - can print at least 2 lines, and some can go up to 7 lines of print
    - print in high resolution
    - certain models can even print bar codes
    - some have pre-designed templates

    Labels can not only be designed and printed from the machine**
    itself, but also from a PC and/or certain compatible mobile devices. This unlocks more customization options and provides a less expensive printing solution by removing the need to order large quantities from label printing companies that have minimum order requirements.

    QL Label Printer Solutions

    You can even print in red and black on white with DK2251 tapes - perfect for calling out important safety or pricing information.

  • What will you be labelling?

    TZe Label Maker Solutions

    TZe labels come in a wide variety of colours. The most common is black font on white tape, but there are many other options like white on red, black on berry pink, bold colours and pastels and even a black on clear option if you don’t want any colour....the choices go on and on!

    There are also a number of specialty tapes available depending on your needs:
    - iron-on fabric tape for labelling things like clothing or bags
    - extra strength adhesive for non-smooth surfaces
    - cable wrap for cylindrical surfaces
    - security tape which leaves a mark if removed
    - acid-free for scrapbooking

    QL Label Printer Solutions

    Because of their high-volume capacity, these machines are great for things like mailing and shipping.

    They’re also good for applications like:
    - name badges
    - ingredient/content labelling
    - file folders

    Label printers come with an extensive catalogue of pre-designed label templates for all the applications mentioned above.

  • Where will the label be applied?

    TZe Label Maker Solutions

    TZe labels are laminated, easy to peel, extremely durable and offer high print quality. They have strong adhesion and can be used indoors or outdoors.

    Rigorously tested, they are resistant to:
    - extreme temperatures (-80 to 150 degrees Celsius)
    - fading in sunlight
    - water and chemicals
    - abrasion

    All this makes them the perfect choice for:
    - branding for your small business
    - labelling food containers from your meal-prep business that are put in a dishwasher and reused weekly
    - labelling bath products from your online shop
    - abelling clients' pantries, offices garages, etc., as part of your professional organizing business
    - and more...

    QL Label Printer Solutions

    DK tapes and labels are made of paper. They are great for labels that will not be subjected to extreme exposure and do not require longevity.

    Perfect for:
    - organizing file folders and office supplies
    - mailing and shipping
    - labelling warehouse boxes, supplies and shelving
    - creating banners up to 3’ long
    - name badges
    - and more...

  • Specific applications and examples to inspire you

    TZe Label Maker Solutions

    Whatever you need, Brother labelling solutions have you covered.

    For meal prep:
    - label containers
    - list ingredients and allergy alerts
    - highlight expiration dates with the date/timestamp function

    For managing paperwork:
    - label file folders to save time and keep track so you don’t lose important invoices and documents

    For your jewelry shop:
    - label all your materials and supplies for easy access and organization

    QL Label Printer Solutions

    Use our application/software to easily design labels exactly how you want them for:
    - mass mailings
    - ingredients
    - name badges
    - pricing
    - and more...

  • How to print shipping labels

    To print professional quality shipping labels, discover Brother’s QL range of label printers. Use them with Brother genuine label tapes for labels with crisp text, bar codes, logos and more that meet major shipping companies’ standards.

  • What is a good label printer for my small business?

    It really depends on what your business is. Brother has labellers for crafting, industrial applications, organizing, shipping and mailing. Explore our offering of label makers, label printers and genuine supplies to find the ones that meet the labelling needs of your small business.

  • What's the difference between a label maker and a label printer?

    Label makers are mostly used for crafting, scrapbooking, school and office supplies, organizing, product information, warehouse shelving etc. Label printers are used for mailing, shipping, and industrial applications.

*For use with QL800 models only.
**Selected models only: PTD450, PTD600, PTP700, PTP710BT, PTP750W, and PTP910BT.

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